Artist Statement as of 2012

My work is defined by a driving search for personal identity in all its permutations—from its formation, potential destruction and subsequent reconstruction, to its frequent camouflage or negation, and ultimately the fluid, infinite sense of identity when it is performed. To this end, I primarily engage in the formal languages of experimental, narrative, and documentary practices to produce psychologically complex characters negotiating emotionally multilayered narratives.

I am dramatically driven by immersing viewers into the emotional logic of different characters and focusing on an individual figure to make sense of history or culture, especially in relation to how collective history and memory shape personal identity. My methodology is psycho-archaeological; I gain access by recontexualizing a character or subject from multiple perspectives that include investigative, historical, critical, and psychological points of views. Through a multidisciplinary practice that integrates elements of filmmaking, sound, photography, and drawing, I aim to examine the intersection of identity construction with themes such as alienation and liminality, family dynamic and dysfunction, the political and social visibility of women, hysterical performances of masculinity, transgression and the complexity of darkness.