Current Investigations

Right now, I am using a range of visual strategies to explore hidden histories and to navigate between various interior/exterior "landscapes". With an investment in diverse ideas, histories, politics, and aesthetics, I gravitate toward interdisciplinary fields of study and intersectional methodologies.

My recent investigations include, but are not limited to, a comprehensive thematic exploration of darkness, human scale and our relationship to deep time, subversive characters and their landscapes, acts of counter-mapping, the recontextualization of women's history, feminist traditions and writings, object histories and the idea of contagious magic, and nature through the romanticist lens.

It has always been difficult to balance day job hours with a steady artistic practice. But on a daily basis, I am drawing, reading, keeping studio diaries, listening for distinct soundscapes, learning how to tell stories through moving images, looking at experimental methodologies for living and working, and constantly searching for hidden narrative potential. For the next year or longer, I plan to engage in a variety of aesthetics and indulge in anything that interests me before narrowing my focus.