Lydia Lunch: Pro Pleasure

CLN: You're pro pleasure. You've said for decades that pleasure is the ultimate rebellion. Where do you think we are with pleasure today?

Lydia Lunch: As a full blown hedonist I would say we need a hell of a lot more of it. Pleasure is the first thing they steal from us when they try to kill off our individuality. We need to get back to intimate experiences and intimate relationships instead of gluttonizing on the latest technological commodity. Reclaiming your pleasure and capacity for it brings power back into yourself - it fills the void made ever more expansive by America's lust for death and blood. And the soul numbing distractions of the latest consumer devices.

CLN: What would you say to the average technological glutton?

LL: Stop buying crap! They've bred you to be nothing but a consumer. Get back to basics. Real experience. Not false knowledge. Technology has reduced your vision from being able to focus on the big picture to zoning in to an image smaller than a playing card.

–Legendary No Wave Performer Lydia Lunch Returns to New York with So Real It Hurts at the Howl! Happening Gallery, May 8 to June 5

Lydia Lunch is back in New York for a little bit.