David Wojnarowicz On Keeping Journals

"Keeping some form of journal is important for both the practice of writing and the slow articulation of thoughts. You grow so much over a period of time in writing things down, you don’t have to necessarily keep a daily journal, it can be composed of ideas, plans, future projects, emotions, things on the mind, places to visit for the purpose of photography, what in certain photographs excites you (when you get into this it becomes very helpful for learning how to articulate your senses and also creates a definition of what you are trying to do or what inspires you and from there more ideas spring), what mannerisms or qualities people have that you respond to, why this kind of light as opposed to that kind of light is more appealing. Continually define for yourself what you sense."

–October 17, 1978. "In the Shadow of the American Dream: The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz."

Inspired by David Wojnarowicz's journals (In the Shadow of the American Dream, The Waterfront Journals, Close to the Knives, etc.) and Derek Jarman's journal "Modern Nature", I have been using the diary to not only reconstruct my past but to also trace the development of my aesthetic interests (what attracts me to certain artists and movements, how to integrate my diverse and disparate artistic interests, why do I gravitate toward certain types of narratives, etc.).