Public and Private: Distance Between Bodies

"I've always been interested in how we relate to each other and the distance between bodies. In this film, a lot of the scenes are about the social awkwardness and the silence when we don't know what to do. I wanted to create an understanding for the social pressure the husband's character feels. With the other couple staring at him from across the table, has has to meet expectations placed upon him as a man. That makes him into a liar …

In a way, it's an essential scene. The film was inspired by a couple of friends of mine who had a similar experience -- of the man not doing what's expected of him. There were a couple of instances where the woman brought up the conflict in public to make it a really awkward social moment. It's something I've witnessed first hand. I think all of us have been in those moments; when intimate, private moments are made public. The scene highlights one of the goals of the film. One of the goals was to create one of the most spectacular avalanche scenes in film history. Another goal was to raise the percentage of divorce in society. I hope this scene helps me do that."

–'Force Majeure' Director Shares the Scene He Hopes Will Lead to More Divorces