Modern Gothic

"So why Gothic now? First we need to remember that ever since the Enlightenment killed off Satan in the eighteenth century, the artistic imagination has relished filling the void. The Gothic has never really left; one hell was replaced by another. Still, the present materialization has a sense of timing to it. On September 11 we all witnessed what could be described as a manifestation of the demonic. Even before then, the bright, busy globalism of the 1990s was wearing thin. Since 9/11, America has experienced an alarming reawakening of fundamentalist religiosity, and events have unfolded with an air of inevitability.

None of us knows what will hit us next, but things feel heavy. In the art world, fear and confusion brought about a return of the metaphysical, even if it's only skin-deep. There's been a shift from the big picture to the little one, from the cultural to the subcultural, the outer world to the inner one."

–Jerry Saltz, "Modern Gothic", The Village Voice (4-10 February 2004).