First Cycle of Twin Peaks Mania: Gorbachev

Jules Haimovitz: Twin Peaks aired in Russia and Mikael Gorbachev [President of the Soviet Union] was a big fan of the show. [laughs] We had sold half of our company [Aaron Spelling Productions] to Carl Lindner (the financier) when we bought WorldVision. So Carl owned a half of Spelling and had been a big supporter and fan of George H.W. Bush, they were friendly. One day, Aaron gets a call from Carl Lindner who wants to know who killed Laura Palmer. Aaron was not that involved with the show on a day-to-day basis, so he calls me up and he said, “Who killed Laura Palmer?” I said, “No clue.” He said, “It’s really important.”

I called David and he says, “I can’t tell you.” I don’t want to press David, so I call Aaron back to say, “David won’t tell me, who wants to know?” and he says “President Bush.” What happened was Gorbachev called Bush, who called Karl, who called Aaron, who called me. So I called David back and I said, “This isn’t going to go anywhere, it’ll be a secret. You have to tell me who Laura’s killer is.” That’s when I realized David had no idea who killed Laura Palmer. [laughs]

–Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks. Brad Dukes.

That's how big the show was back in the 90's. 

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