Surprising Fans

"So I'm rehearsing this piece I had rescored with the orchestra at Abbey Road and Paul comes over to me and said, 'Angelo, it sounds great. Let me tell you this story. I was invited by the Queen's (Elizabeth II) office to perform forty minutes of my music to celebrate her birthday at Buckingham Palace. I'm about to go on and she comes by and says 'Oh, Mr. McCartney, it's so lovely to see you, but I can't stay!' Paul said, 'What do you mean? We're celebrating your birthday!' The Queen said, 'You see, it's five minutes of eight; I must go upstairs and watch Twin Peaks.' Paul turned around and punched me on the left arm right on the conductor stand and had a few choice words. (laughs) I thought that was incredible! David Lynch and I both like the Queen a lot as a result of this." 

-Angelo Badalamenti

"After the first season a lot of crazy things happened, like me and Mark sitting at Steven Spielberg's house convincing him to do the opener for the second season. That was all ready to go. This is a long story, but my first wife (Tricia Brock) is and was Kate Capshaw's best friend so I knew Steven pretty well and he was a huge fan of the show – watched it every week, I mean a huge fan. Because we were friendly we talked about it a lot and he said to me in passing how fun it would be to direct an episode, so I went to Mark over the summer and said, 'This probably is not a bad way to kick off the second season, right?"

"Steven just said, 'I want it to be as weird as possible; it'll be so much fun.' So whether or not he would have even done it, we'll never really know, but when Mark told David he didn't even hesitate, saying, 'No, no, I think I'll direct the first one. Maybe he can direct later in the season,' which he obviously didn't." 

-Harley Peyton. Series screenwriter and season two producer. 

Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks. Brad Dukes.