Routines: John Waters

"I make notes ... This idea. This joke. This thing. This character. This this. Pages and pages and pages of notes. Then I go through and outline. This is exactly how I do it: I always have to have an exact kind of legal pads from Towson Stationery. They make the brand I like the best. Bic pens, black like twenty of them. Then a red Bic pen to circle the ideas I like. Then a red pencil to circle the ones I like even more than the red pen. Then I go back to another legal pad. I have a whole book of titles, a whole book of casting, a whole book of who the characters are and what happens with them in the first, second, and third acts … All of my movies are within five minutes of being ninety minutes long. It goes back to three reels, my old 16 mm days, you know? A beginning, a middle, and an end."

–John Waters. "Artist in Dialogue", interview with John G. Ives, 1992.