I am "Unafraid of the Dark": "Cosmos" Finale Tonight

"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" finale ("Unafraid of the Dark") is tonight (06/09/2014) @ 9 pm on FOX. 

A VFX shot of the SOTI underwater on the Saturn moon Titan, the only other known object besides earth to contain surface liquid. 

Here are some of my own selects of the "Ship of the Imagination" (SOTI) throughout the season. 

A typical scene of the SOTI traveling through the cosmos, every shot is stunning and can stand on its own. 

In this scene, Neil Degrasse Tyson is standing in the best star gazing spot on the planet: the Australian outback. (The Ship of the Imagination hangs out in the background)

When you look out in front on the SOTI, it's where we are right now in space time. In this scene, Neil is theoretically crossing the event horizon of a black hole in the ship of the imagination. The gravity of a black hole is so strong that it can bend space time, and consequently you might be able to see the entire future history of the universe unfold before you. There may potentially be alternate universes with their own warped space time inside black holes. 

"In the dimension of time, the past lies beneath us." When you look below on the SOTI, we time travel back to the past. There are many scenes showing what the earth looked like millions and billions of years ago. 

When you look up on the SOTI, you are looking into the future. In this scene, it is predicted that billions of years from now, the sun will die and become a white dwarf star, which will continue to shine in the sky for another 100 billion years.