John Waters on Marguerite Duras

"Miss Duras makes the kind of films that get you punched in the mouth for recommending them to even your closest friends. If there is such a thing as good avant garde cinema, this is it. Even though I believe pretension is the ultimate sin, Marguerite Duras has taken pretension one level ahead of itself and turned it into a style.

Afterward, Miss Duras begrudgingly appeared to “dis-cuss” the film. She was better than my wildest dreams could imagine. To start off she refused to speak English and had a translator who couldn’t or, as I suspected, wouldn’t either unless the audience started yelling. The few comments I did manage to get were hysterical: “I don’t really care if anyone sees my films,” “I have made two new films but haven’t decided if I will ever let anybody see them,” and my favorite, “The way I prefer audiences to see my work is all the films one after another because it would be more difficult."

-John Waters. "Crackpot".