Leon Golub and male aggression

Leon Golub: "… men generally don't have to be reactive to a situation which they dominate. The male attitude is to take for granted that men can do this, and men can do that. Men own the world, okay. Margaret Thatcher is called the "Iron Maiden" and given male attributes, and women in power like Hillary Clinton, who only has delegated power anyway, or Indira Ghandi are thought of as castrators. Men universally assume they are privileged to dominate

I try to get at male aggression, at how men posture and so on. This is not a theater of the absurd, but the theater of reality, this is the way the world runs, the world as is. I don't think I'm forcing the issue, nor over-dramatizing the evidence. If anything I can hardly portray it because of its ferocity. And if recently I try to probe various ironic and derisive terrains, irritable and itchy psychic locations, this is pretty mild stuff compared to the real thing."

“Leon Golub and Nancy Spero: War and Memory”. 1994. 

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