In defense of misanthropy: Patricia Highsmith

”So in the acid bath of her detail-saturated prose she developed her own image of an alternate earth – Highsmith Country. A territory so psychologically threatening that even her most devoted readers hope never to recognize themselves in its pages. Her slow literary crawl over the surface of things produced one iconic character, the talented Mr. Ripley, and hundreds of raspingly acute portraits of quietly transgressive acts ...

Miss Highsmith's own end was a model of clarity. She drove a last, devoted visitor from her hospital room – 'You should go, you should go, don't stay, don't stay,' she repeated until the woman left – and then died unobserved. Everything human was alien to her.“

–The Talented Miss Highsmith: The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith. Joan Schenkar. 

I have always felt misanthropy is highly misunderstood. I think pure misanthropy (when it is not racism) is completely underrated.