Orpheus and Eurydice


I keep thinking I hear someone behind us. But we can't look back. That's one of the rules today. He wasn't supposed to but he did. Stop at the water fountain for a minute. I want to show you another photograph. Take out the next one. Number 2. Hold it up. 


... and to bind these docile lovers fast I freeze the world in a perfect mirror


This is a photo I took last time I was here. Look at it closely. Let yourself really go into the scene ... the ice on the lake, the barren trees

soundscape fades to silence

Now look at the view in front of us. Really look. Smell the air. 

soundscape of ducks flying off water

–Janet Cardiff, "Her Long Black Hair", 2004. An audio walk set in Central Park. 

Right now I am interested in investigating acts of "looking back", whether literal, temporal, spatial, metaphorical, etc. In her audio walk "Her Long Black Hair", Cardiff makes a connection between Orpheus' final gaze at Eurydice with the impossibilities of photography.