The Anthropological "Other"

The Conquest of America stands as Europe's model for the constitution of the Other. 

Colonization became a mission, and the savage became absence and negation. 

(The "noble savage") In defense of a particular vision of order, the savage became evidence for a particular type of utopia. 

Just as utopia itself can be offered as a promise or as a dangerous illusion, the savage can be noble, wise, barbarian, victim, or aggressor, depending on the debate and the aims of the interlocutors. 

(Postmodern "savages") The primitive has become terrorist, refugee, freedom fighter, opium and coca grower, or parasite. He can even play anthropologist at times. Televised documentaries show his "real" conditions of existence: underground newspapers expose his dreams of modernity. Thanks to modernity, the savage has changed, the West has changed, and the West knows that both have changed empirically. 

–select passages from "Anthropology and the Savage Slot: The Poetics and Politics of Otherness", Michel-Rolph Trouillot.

Abolish "Columbus Day" and decolonize.