The beginnings of the universe confirmed

"Surprisingly strong gravitational waves rippled through the fiery aftermath of the Big Bang ... a finding that confirms the cosmos grew to a stunningly vast size in its very first moments.

The long-sought observations, taken from Antarctica, strongly support the cosmological theory of "inflation," which explains how the early universe smoothly expanded to unimaginable vastness in the first fractional second of its existence ... 

The finding means that in little more than a century, humanity has figured out not only the age of the universe—it was born about 13.82 billion years ago in the Big Bang—but also how its birth unfolded ... 

To make the gravitational wave discovery, the team studied the cosmic microwave background, leftover heat from the origin of the universe

Imprinted across the entire sky, this relic heat reveals in minute temperature differences where matter condensed about 400,000 years after the Big Bang. Those patterns also serve as a frozen snapshot of the conditions inside the moment of creation that spawned it ... 

Pryke said the finding was so surprising that the discovery team spent three years checking the result. Statistics suggest that they have a 99.9997 percent certainty of being correct.

That means that in its very first moments, the entire universe reached a size far, far larger than what is observable or will ever be observable to humanity (the "observable" universe is about 92 billion light-years across).

–Big Bang's "Smoking Gun" Confirms Early Universe's Exponential Growth. March 17, 2014.

The "inflation" theory of early universe has been confirmed. Obviously this was old news, but I forgot to post a couple months ago.