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Well, there's been this huge influx and interest in serial killer films in the past five to ten years. 

Atom Egoyan

Well, I think in cinema the serial killer has become a profession, it's like showing a doctor or lawyer character. Serial killers have become another one of the ways in which a character might conduct their lives. It is odd to say that but that's the only way we can deal with our public fascination with them ... And the serial killer, in a similar way, has found an occupation, killing people, which serves to represent latent issues in a very convenient way. I think we are all obsessed with the notions of fate, and of course in a conventional serial killer film, there is seriality involved in the actual structure of the film. There's a sense of the inevitable, who will be the next victim? And there is usually an investigation to try to stop what would seem to be the inevitable. It's an interesting occupation to represent.

–Egoyan's Journey: An Interview with Atom Egoyan by Donato Totaro and Simon Galiero, 1999