Fluid Identities

"I had an entire biography for Errol. For example, he taught himself to sound like other people by watching movies on his VCR. That’s why one minute he can sound like Andy Griffith inviting you to the fishing hole, and the next second he sound like James Mason, and then the next, he can sound like something otherworldly. So yeah: if we’re talking about the stories we tell ourselves, if identity is a story, this killer we get to know a little at the end, his identity seems completely fluid, depending on what story needs to be told, or, in the case of the North By Northwest scene, whatever story is in front of him."

True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto Interview.

I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen "True Detectives" yet, and I'm about to start. I already know some of the spoilers, but I am excited to see what kinds of stories we choose to tell "ourselves". 

I have accumulated a major back log of shows and movies over the past year, so much to watch and so little time ...