I work in the fields of film, TV, visual arts, and writing in New York City. 



I work in the fields of film, television, visual arts, and writing in New York City. By day (or night shift), I'm a video editor and assistant editor who works in mainstream television (A+E, Comedy Central @ Viacom, Animal Planet) and popular media (Little Things, Popsugar, Teen Vogue). By night, I'm an artist who uses diverse mediums to explore spaces and landscapes both intimately close and extremely far – from interiority and dream cartography to the thresholds of human knowledge, such as physics, black holes, and the occult. I am especially invested in working at the intersection of commercial and experimental, finding a middle ground between art historical and conceptual ideas and mainstream aesthetics.

In the past, my short films have shown at places such as National Museum of Women in the Arts, Anthology Film Archives, Asian American Arts Center, and San Diego Women’s Film Festival. I hold a BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art. 

IDEAS I'm Working On

Interiority: the inner landscapes and architectures that we build
Black holes, gravity, and time dilation
Oneirology: hypnogogia and dream logic
Memory and autobiography
The supernatural and the occult 


Post Production at Comedy Central & Viacom (MTV, Paramount, BET, VH1, Logo, TV Land)

Freelance editor and assistant editor

Living in Inwood, NYC



The Cooper Union School of Art
Four year full tuition scholarship











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